Welcome to Marmorino Depot - the best source for Venetian Plaster materials and application tools.

Our experienced staff will assist you on every step of your project: from selecting the right plaster material and tools to technical advice or application workshop.

Based in Manhattan, New York, Marmorino Depot has been providing its clients and customers superior service for 15 years. Marmorino Depot offers high-quality Venetian plaster materials to the clients worldwide, as well as serving as a center for education and innovation. Customers can also come to Marmorino Depot for educational workshops on Venetian Plastering, or simply come in for advice and technical support about decorating with Marmorino Venetian plaster.


Local distributor in Brooklyn, NY: 

Loconsolo paints

2660 Coney Island Avenue. Brooklyn N.Y 11223




All unopened materials can be returned to Marmorino Depot within 30 days after placing the order. 25% restocking fee will be applied on all returned materials.

It is a customer's responsibility to deliver returnable materials back to Marmorino Depot. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED FOR THE ORDERS OVER 30 DAYS.