About Us

Based in Manhattan,  New York Marmorino Depot has been providing its clients and customers superior service for 15 years

. Marmorino Depot offers high-quality  Venetian plaster materials and technical support  to the clients  worldwide, as well as serving as a center for education and innovation. Customers can also come to Marmorino Depot open studio for educational workshops on Venetian Plastering, Tadelakt, French plaster Stuc Pierre, American Clay, Decosysteme (France), Rivesto Marmorino,  or simply come in for advice and technical support about decorating with Natural plasters.  We have our representatives in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island and we ship Venetian plaster materials and tools to all over the country and abroad.          

Marmorino Venetian plaster is a classical  wall finishing popularized in Venice hundreds of years ago. Made from crushed marble, slaked lime and water Marmorino  finishes are a beautiful and natural design solution. Venetian plaster products by Fresco (Italy) is a line of versatile plaster materials (interior and exterior), capable of transforming any space. Combining old world plaster techniques with cutting edge 21st century application techniques, Marmorino Depot will help you to create the perfect plaster wall finish for any project.

The Marmorino Depot team is set apart by their deep knowledge of Venetian plaster materials and their passion to share that knowledge with others. The team of classically trained artists and technicians strives to approach traditional plaster techniques with an eye for innovation and cutting-edge design. Happy to share their knowledge gained through 15 years of work in New York and around the Globe the team is always ready to teach anyone interested in learning about Venetian Plaster Marmorino, French plaster, Moroccan Tadelakt, , American Clay and more. This extensive experience has led Marmorino Depot to be a trusted source worldwide for unique, friendly and sustainable Plaster materials.

Architectural clients include Gensler, Yabu Pushelberg, Alexandra Champalimaud Design and more. 

Marmorino Depot has also created beautiful Venetian plaster finishes for commercial establishments such as Waldorf Astoria Hotel (main lobby), Tiffany’s, Sak’s, Cartier, Bloomingdale’s, Absolut Spirits, Urban Outfitters and Anthropology as well as the Marriott and Hilton hotel chains, The Pierre Hotel NYC, The Peninsula Hotel NYC, The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Moscow, The Berkeley Hotel in London, The Helmsley Hotel NYC, Monaco Consulate NYC and many more.

About the owner

Michael Glickman boasts more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the decorative arts, including custom murals, Venetian Plastering,  Marmorino, hand made wall coverings, leafing, art on glass and 3D plaster murals. He is equally at home working with plaster, paint, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, clay and mixed media. Michael’s unique creative vision is inspired by Urban colors and textures, Classical Art and fashion and is anchored by a deep technical knowledge and concern for providing the highest quality experience for his clients.

His specialty is recognizing style-driven trends and delivering rapid turnaround for high-end residential and commercial clients like: Hilton World Wide, The Peninsula Hotel, The Pierre Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, The Berkeley Hotel (London), Harrods, Sax 5th Ave, Bergdorf- Goodman, Club Monaco, Anthropology, Urban Outfitter, The Row, Ralph Laurent, Harrods (London) and many others.

Work at Marmorino Depot allows Michael to share his unique knowledge and experience with others, as well as teach classes, develop new techniques and discover new materials from around the globe.

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Marmorino Depot 104 W 14th street 5th floor 

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Business hours: Mo-Fr, 10AM-6PM


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