Why Fresco

FRESCO PLASTER MATERIALS represent entirely natural wall finishes for modern times.

FRESCO PLASTER is composed of finely crushed marble, slaked lime and water. It is thus an authentic mineral product, perfectly suited for today's construction and decorative applications, both interior and exterior. The product is supplied ready for use in paste form and has a long shelf life if stored in its original container.

FRESCO PLASTER is available in several versions.
The most common is a Make Up - fine plaster that features a smooth polished feel and Make Up R - new fine plaster for smooth but not glossy finish.
Marmorino (fine grain plaster), recommended for smooth, but not shiny finishes that are in the highest demand on the market. And Marblestone (rough grain plaster) recommended for textured and decorative finishes.

FRESCO offers a number of benefits.

  • The same product can be used on all steps, from the beginning to the end
  • No sanding is necessary, therefore achieving a dust free work environment
  • Color selections is unlimited.
  • The shiny (polished) surface is achieved by burnishing the semi dry product with a special trowel and so no additional polishes, waxes or varnishes are necessary.
  • Product can be applied to both interior and exterior applications.
  • It has a wide range of creative design possibilities (prior to the final step).
  • It is perfectly suited for column and restoration work.
  • Repairs are always possible, even after many years, without unsightly seams.
  • The shelf life is almost unlimited and the product is freeze-thaw stable.

FRESCO is applied simply and quickly. There is a need however for a degree of training in the techniques and behavioral patterns of this natural product. Training courses are available. Please contact us for the schedule.

We offer a complimentary demonstration/presentation at your company.

For more information please call 212.967.6602 or email info@marmorinodepot.com