• As there is a large variety of  pre-mixed plasters available, we suggest to do a sample test on a small area before executing the whole job.



PLAK – Marble effect finish

FEATURES AND RANGE OF USE                                            

MARBLESTONE is a coloured fine-textured coating paste system suitable to obtain translucid marble-effect finishes. It has a base of natural lime paste, natural colouring earths, marble powders and grains and additives that enhance its rheological behaviour during application and its attachment to the wall. It can be applied on any indoor wall surface, even if this has been treated with paint or synthetic coatings, provided they are firm, sound and not affected by damp of any origin. In additionMARBLESTONE can be used outside, provided that the surfaces are firm and not affected by rising damp. Old plastic coatings or paintwork must be stripped off.


New plaster must be left to season for at least 4 to 6 weeks so that the surfaces are neutralized through natural carbonation. Also very new patches of plaster must be left to season.

New wall surfaces: clean thoroughly, removing any trace of dust, dirt, or oils, or any parts that are loose. Make sure that the wall is perfectly dry and, in the case of surfaces that are subject to flaking or crumbling, apply a layer of FIXAFOND B 400 liquid primes to provide a uniform and solid base. Allow 8 hours to pass and level off any large flaws in the wall surface using LASTOCEM AW with cement added 2:1. 

Wall surfaces that are already painted and partially deteriorated: remove every trace of paint that shows any signs of coming away or flaking or any efflorescence. Where there is evidence of mould treat with healing solution. Clean away thoroughly check that the wall is perfectly dry and apply a layer of FIXAFOND B 400. Let 8 hours elapse and fill any large flaws in the wall surface using LASTOCEM AW with cement 2:1 added. Allow 24 hours to pass and apply MARBLESTONE FONDO.


We recommend to apply with any type of surface a priming coat of FIXAFOND B400 to provide a uniform base.

After preparation of base, apply MARBLESTONE FONDO on the selected type SMALL or MEDIUM. The product is ready-to-use and it is thixotropic: mix it gently until it is workable. Should there be a liquid surface layer present, this does not affect the quality of MARBLESTONE. In this case set aside a part of the liquid, stir the product and, if necessary, add a part of the liquid until the product is perfectly workable. Apply MARBLESTONE FONDO using a metal trowel in two hands, waiting 24 hours between the two. In the second coat, once the material acquires firmness, smooth off with a stainless steel trowel. Allow at least 24 hours to elapse before apply MARBLESTONE PLAK. Spread on using a stainless steel trowel and, once it starts to harden, press smooth repeatedly until the surface is perfectly compact and shiny. For a deeper and more uniform finish, spread on two layers of MARBLESTONE PLAK. For indoor applications -after one week has passed- when MARBLESTONE is perfectly dry, you may apply a coat of SAONADA and polish it with a soft cloth or suitable mechanical polishing system. Do not apply on surfaces exposed to the sun or with temperatures that can drop below 5°C. Clean all tools with water. Use the product within 6 months of the production date. Light and dark shading are features of the product.

TECHNICAL DATA                           SMALL                              MEDIUM

Specific weight (kg/l):                 1.70 kg/l ± 0.10                  1.75 kg/l ± 0.10

pH value:                                           13.0                                      13.0

Dry extract (% in weight):            70 % ± 0.10                        70 % ± 0.10

Viscosity:                    product in paste not definable

Coef. of resistance of water vapour (m):    14