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Venetian Plaster Marmorino Application Classes on Thursdays from 4PM to 7PM

One evening class: $250.00

Please come to our spacious Marmorino Depot Showroom in Manhattan on 104 W 14th street to learn how easy the application of Venetian plaster can be if you work with Fresco Marmorino. During this workshop you will produce several samples of fine Venetian plaster and coarse Marmorino.

American Clay Application Classes on Wednesdays from 4PM to 7PM

One evening class: $250.00

Learn all practical aspects of American Clay application:  textures, colors, tools. During this workshop you will produce several samples of Loma and Porcelina.

Please call 212-967-6602 or e-mail  for registration.

Two days certification class available upon request.

For Certified Applicators of Fresco Venetian Plaster in your area please contact us

Office : t 212-967-6602


1. Posted 09/10/12 by Chris Burke:

Venetian Plaster class at Marmorino Depot is the best I’ve seen in my 20+ years of faux!
I’ve used many plasters throughout the years, was looking for new line for upcoming projects. I contacted Michael and took a day of training, pricing was less than any competitor. The product Fresco is fantastic, great pricing as well. I highly recommend this Class for the beginner to seasoned artist. Fresco products are definitely needed in your portfolio

2. Posted on 01/01/13 by Nora Johnson:

You are, and remain, one of the best teachers and talents around in the field of decorative plaster. I feel lucky to live in New York, able to attend some of your open studio Fresco product demonstrations. 

3. Posted on 05/09/13 by Amy Morgenstern:

Hi Michael- I really enjoyed the class last night. It was very informative and we covered a lot which I was very impressed by. Thank you again for allowing me to come in and learn. Ill be there next week or so to purchase material and COME tools.