COCOPIESTO: The earthenware is a powdered Marmorino composed of earthenware from 0 to 1 mm, hydraulic lime, white, inert, and selected additives required for good workability of the product. Marmorino Cocopiesto is a great product for walls and ceilings due to its elasticity and low shrinkage.
USE: Thanks to its breathability and good mechanical strength. Marmorino Cocopiesto is mainly used on buildings of historical and architectural importance.
Be sure that the foundation plaster is thoroughly dry. Avoid application in excessively hot or windy conditions. For areas that are particularly absorbent and friable, it is advisable to apply a good substrate first - our Fixafond 400. It is recommended to protect Marmorino Cocopiesto from frost in the winter and not use antifreeze additives. You may also want to cover walls with sheets that are exposed to strong wind or rain, so as not to smudge the plaster just applied.
Marmorino Cocopiesto is prepared by adding water and mixing with a mixer to obtain a homogeneous mixture. It is advised that product is prepaed as it is needed. Apply a generous amount of Marmorino Cocopiesto with our stainless steel trowel for first and second layers. Once the first layer is dry, a second coat of Marmorino Cocopiesto is applied, taking care to work immediately afterward. It is recommended that work is done from start to finish, with no interruption, to ensure that the finish is uniform. Therefore it is suggested that you order a sufficient amount of material to complete your job at one time. Seal with one of our top coats.
Appearance: White powder with colored grains of marble.
Type of Surface to be covered : The ideal substrate is plaster made of sand, lime and cement. However, with the right preparation, it can be applied to any surface.
Dilution:  Water must be added to obtain a paste that is easy to apply. Amount of water varies depending on the substrate's absorption.
Drying time: 2-5 hours at 68°F to the touch 8-14 hours at 68°F below the surface, 60 days stable.

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