Marmoreus is a coarse Marmorino (with decorative ingredients like dry grass and colored marble chips)  suitable to obtain translucid marble-effect finishes. It has a base of natural lime paste, natural coloring earths, marble powders and grains and additives that enhance its rheological behavior during application and its attachment to the wall. 

Can be applied in 2 1/2 coats for smooth but not shiny finish. 20 KG (4Gal) bucket will cover 100-150SF 

 Also can be covered over with the following top coats of your chose: 

 1.Calchera Rasatura (fine marmorino) for glossy finish " calce rassata" 

2.Make Up (lime Venetian plaster) for super glossy finish

3. Marblestone Plak (lime Venetian plaster) for Mirror like finish (interior/exterior).

For more finishes that can be produced based on Marmoreus please contact Marmorino Depot.

It can be applied on any indoor wall surface, even if this has been treated with paint or synthetic coatings, provided they are firm, sound and not affected by damp of any origin.

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