TRAVERTINE  is large - grained traditional ITALIAN finish for Interior/Exterior that simulate texture of Travertine  marble, originating in the Toscan Region. .

It has a smooth, textured, stone-like appearance. Can be compacted and polished to satin shine. It is very durable and quite water-resistant, but breathable.

Composition: lime powder, slightly hydraulic, with stone granules of variable thickness, special additives to facilitate application by aiding in adhesion and reducing cracking.

Theoretical Yield per 16 kg: 70 sq. feet for 2 coats.

Historically, reducing powder of Travertine stone and artfully blended with natural lime mortar was obtained which were decorated with important buildings from the Colosseum, fountains, theaters, prestigious villas adorned with this procedure that was used by masters of the application, in fact, from the first century, every important building, religious or civil, public or private, had ancient Roman Travertine ornaments.

The divine Michelangelo Buonarrti  was a great architect of this material used in various works he installed interior and exterior of the Basilica of St. Peter from 1546 onward.

Travertine is an extremely elegant old world charm that helps to make any kind of refined and exclusive environment and undoubtedly indicated in dwellings of bygone days, however it is possible to also use use at places where it creates highlights contrast between modern and classic.

Resistance, hygienic properties, mold resistance, produce no toxic fumes in case of fire, and with low environmental impact. Travertine is used in bio-building-free gas and VOCs, are some of the features of this product that can be used to create a romantic atmosphere in any home, office or commercial space.


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