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It has always been a questionable issue: can Venetian plaster be successfully applied over exterior walls in North East of USA? Snowy winters, Ice storms, hurricanes and much more.... Who would even dare to use Venetian plaster in such harsh environment? 

Look at the

masterpiece below.

This beautiful modern house in Upstate New York has received "dark chocolate"  exterior grade Venetian plaster more than a year ago, and the client loved it.

Application system: 

Cement undercoat (done by GC)

Sand primer Fixafond 400 (Fresco made)

Two coats of Marblestone AD (Fresco made)

One coat of fine Marblestone Plak (Fresco made)

Waterproofer (Marmorino Depot)

Cera Wax (oil based) with gold Mica


Application: by Igor Koskossov and team. 

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6 Responses

chris lindop
chris lindop

September 01, 2014

looks great man. i was wondering how the exterior stuff would hold up. I would not worry about here in southern calif but i would be hesitant to use in a bad climate area with lots of moisture

Michael Glickman
Michael Glickman

July 23, 2014


The cost on materials fused on this project was around $3 per SF

Michael Glickman
Michael Glickman

July 23, 2014

Tara, if you use 2 coats of Travertine by Fresco, you will make your client very happy!
This is classical Italian exterior finish from Tuscan region.
It can also be washed over for adding natural antique effect.

Tara Novak
Tara Novak

July 22, 2014

This is beautiful!
Would you have any suggestions for an exterior plaster for a earthy Tuscan look?
My client has a semi-enclosed patio space, on a mountain side in Vail, CO, with Sto stucco’d walls that he wants to redo. I’m doing research to find the perfect product.

Neil Aitchison
Neil Aitchison

July 19, 2014

So what did that cost per sq.ft.


July 07, 2014

Love the look wish you had more photos.


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