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We are constantly working on developing high end plaster finishes by using Fresco VP

This is just one of them: Combed Marblestone finish.




Polished Dark Blue Plaster: can it be done?

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Michael Glickman
Michael Glickman

October 07, 2014


Art Space NYC has added combed plaster finishes to their portfolio in 2003. And it also was a great success.But, it is is not so much about who was the first. It is more about how far you can develop it. Which also is the most fun part.

maria aldana
maria aldana

September 15, 2014

I developed the combed Venetian back in 2010 while working for Mark Uriu and it was immidiatly a success.
I just wonder if I was the first one to try that.
Mark has been in the decorative finishes business for over 20 years and he has not seen anything like before I showed my samples to him.
Can you tell me?
Thank you in advance,
Maria Aldana.

Michael Glickman
Michael Glickman

November 30, 2013

The base plaster is vertically combed. So, it looks like striae.

Alene Pettus
Alene Pettus

October 18, 2013

That looks fantastic from what I can see it shows the polished shine real well but hard to see what the pattern is.

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